Location & Hours

We are located at 300 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, KS, 66103.

The general clinic is open Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 p.m.

Because JayDoc is very active, patients must arrive by 5 p.m. in order to be seen. That said, patient intake at JayDoc is not first-come, first-serve; we receive the patients whose needs our team is best suited to serve, and we counsel remaining patients as to their best options for medical care.

Staffed by different medical students and physicians on any given night, we refer patients with chronic health issues to other Safety Net clinics whose individual physicians who can develop more of a recurring appointment schedule with the patients (usually after first receiving initial treatment from a JayDoc physician).

Additionally, we offer specialty clinics on Tuesdays from 5-9 p.m. for patients who receive referrals from our general clinic. These specialty clinics include diabetes care (twice per month), prenatal and women’s health care (twice per month), ophthalmology (once per month), and dental services (twice per month). Again, these sessions are limited to patients referred by our general clinic and given a specific appointment slot.

Our only walk-in specialty clinic is Dental Night. Patients requiring dental procedures must be at clinic at 5:00PM in order to be triaged. Our Dental Night occurs every other Tuesday and the dates for the first half of 2018 are the following: 1/2/2018, 1/16/2018, 1/30/2018, 2/13/2018, 2/27/2018, 3/13/2018, 4/10/2018, 4/24/2018, 5/8/2018, 5/22/2018, 6/5/2018. Please not that we are unable to offer dental cleanings.

We are closed for the following holidays in 2018: Memorial Day (5/28), Fourth of July (7/4), Labor Day (9/3), Thanksgiving Eve (11/21), and Christmas Holiday (Dec. 20th-Jan. 6th).

If you have any questions about our location and hours, please call (913)-387-1202 or email jaydocfreeclinic@kumc.edu.